Sunday, January 26, 2014

Recently I've been angry with At&t

I've had a basic phone ever since I have had a cell, but I feel that it's time to make the change.  However, in addition to not having an upgrade, I'm sort of stuck with At&t because I don't want them to charge their ridiculous amount on a data plan for minimal web browsing, and I still have a year to go in my contract.  Recently, I've looked up many flaws in the system, all proving to be useless.  My initial idea was to buy and unlocked smartphone and insert my sim, however it seems that At&t is able to sense a unique IMEI number on the phone itself, determine what time of phone (smart or basic) it was, and charge accordingly.  So I crossed that strategy off of my list.  Plan B was to find a basic phone with  WiFi connectivity, so I could still do all the browsing I wanted at home without a plan.  I thought I had finally found one, but when I called At&t to confirm this information, I was told that any phone with wifi, no matter what operating system would still be classified as a smartphone.  I had given up hope, until I noticed that T-Mobile would pay Early Termination Fees.  After I do this, I will have unlimited data, calling, and texting for only ninety dollars for the three people in my family, a heavy discount from At&t.  However, T-Mobile has a catch as well.  They require you to give them your current phone afterwards, which they will provide you a credit for.  Unfortunately, the phones at T-Mobile are quite expensive, regardless of their financing options.  If you need to buy a new one, It will cost quite a lot. After thinking, I noticed a loophole in T-Mobile's system.  If they make you cash in your phone, then cash in a different one.  Buy flip phones unlocked off of for the cheapest price possible.  On the first day of a new At&t billing month, insert your sim card into these flip phones.  Afterwards, cancel your service.  On the termination fee, you should then be charged for a flip phone rather than your normal phone.  Then, when you must cash in your phone to T-Mobile, cash in the same flip phone and buy the cheapest phone from T-Mobile possible.  Once you have that phone, remove the sim, and insert it into your previous smartphone.  You then have cheap T-Mobile service and  your old phone without paying for an expensive smartphone.