Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best Tablet Plan!!!

Hey everybody, as I start high school, I find that I spend more and more time doing school work,(ranging anywhere from one to four hours a night) and less time researching what I love, technology. Recently, I have noticed my kindle fire is beginning to have many issues, and thought that I might buy myself a tablet in the near future.  While I doubt that I would do so with a data plan, the idea piqued my interest and I searched the internet looking for a plan.  Here is what I found:

On MetroPCS, I found that there are multiple ranges of tablet plans, from fifteen to thirty dollars.  I feel as if the fifteen dollar plan is the best option for a tablet, as it is the cheapest and gives by far the most data over all carriers.   For fifteen dollars a month, you receive access to unlimited 3G data, with up to one gigabyte of 4G data.  As the plans increase in price, the amount of 4G data increases.  In addition, you will receive unlimited texting on this tablet.  Finally, if you are to already have a MetroPCS phone plan, the cost of the monthly services are five dollars less.  All of this service is on the T-Mobile network (MetroPCS uses them for their phone lines).

There is only one down side in particular to this plan and that would be the tablet itself.  There are actually multiple options for tablet devices to use on this plan, however they are quite peculiar.  Only one of them is actually a tablet, the rest are smartphones that when activated, would not have calling.  Some of these available smartphones are actually high-end, but we are attempting to buy a tablet here.  The one available tablet costs one hundred fifty dollars, and is called the Alcatel One Touch Pop 7.  The tablet itself is not a piece of garbage, even though I may have introduced it to sound that way.  It has Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and a 1.3 GHz dual core processor.  It includes a camera and the Google Play store (the default android app store used in devices such as  most samsung, motorola, lg, and htc devices).  Another negative aspect of the tablet is that it must be bought in store.  However, I have almost one hundred MetroPCS locations within a five mile radius of where I live, although I do live in a Metropolitan Area.  Regardless, MetroPCS is a nationwide company and therefore there are stores all around the country.  I must admit, if you are looking for a budget  tablet plan for either work or personal reasons, this is the way to go.