Friday, February 21, 2014

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a cell phone service.  I learned about them from the New York Times, and instantly did lots of research.  Republic Wireless is a Carolina based no annual contract service provider.  Now you may think that this is a "garbage" provider with cheap, not dependable reception.  However, Republic Wireless uses Sprint's service, and their cheap pricing.  Their only phone currently is the Moto X, a high quality Android smartphone that costs $300.  While the phones are expensive, the plans are not.  They have four options, a five dollar plan which gives you unlimited talk, text, and data as long as you are on WiFi.  The ten dollar plan gives you unlimited talk and text, and you can use data only on WiFi.  Next, is a twenty five dollar option which gives you unlimited talk, text and, web.  Finally, a forty dollar plan is for when you would like unlimited talk, text, and 4g speeds for web.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Solution (Or so I hope)...

Well, you've now all heard about my cell phone fiasco.  Nowadays, I've been fulfilled with new hope that I have finally eluded At&t's control.  I found a basic phone with WiFi, meaning at home, school, and most restaurants, I can browse the internet without paying for a data plan.  The phones are not top of the line, not android, not iOS, not a Windows Phone, but an LG cookie phone.  The two that I have been looking at are the LG t515, and the LG T310i.  Both seem promising, but I am leaning towards the first of the two.  Both cost approximately $100 unlocked anywhere on the internet.  Finally, all i need to do is insert my sim card and I'm good to go.