Saturday, December 20, 2014

Best Tablet Plan!!!

Hey everybody, as I start high school, I find that I spend more and more time doing school work,(ranging anywhere from one to four hours a night) and less time researching what I love, technology. Recently, I have noticed my kindle fire is beginning to have many issues, and thought that I might buy myself a tablet in the near future.  While I doubt that I would do so with a data plan, the idea piqued my interest and I searched the internet looking for a plan.  Here is what I found:

On MetroPCS, I found that there are multiple ranges of tablet plans, from fifteen to thirty dollars.  I feel as if the fifteen dollar plan is the best option for a tablet, as it is the cheapest and gives by far the most data over all carriers.   For fifteen dollars a month, you receive access to unlimited 3G data, with up to one gigabyte of 4G data.  As the plans increase in price, the amount of 4G data increases.  In addition, you will receive unlimited texting on this tablet.  Finally, if you are to already have a MetroPCS phone plan, the cost of the monthly services are five dollars less.  All of this service is on the T-Mobile network (MetroPCS uses them for their phone lines).

There is only one down side in particular to this plan and that would be the tablet itself.  There are actually multiple options for tablet devices to use on this plan, however they are quite peculiar.  Only one of them is actually a tablet, the rest are smartphones that when activated, would not have calling.  Some of these available smartphones are actually high-end, but we are attempting to buy a tablet here.  The one available tablet costs one hundred fifty dollars, and is called the Alcatel One Touch Pop 7.  The tablet itself is not a piece of garbage, even though I may have introduced it to sound that way.  It has Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) and a 1.3 GHz dual core processor.  It includes a camera and the Google Play store (the default android app store used in devices such as  most samsung, motorola, lg, and htc devices).  Another negative aspect of the tablet is that it must be bought in store.  However, I have almost one hundred MetroPCS locations within a five mile radius of where I live, although I do live in a Metropolitan Area.  Regardless, MetroPCS is a nationwide company and therefore there are stores all around the country.  I must admit, if you are looking for a budget  tablet plan for either work or personal reasons, this is the way to go.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Freedom Pop - Plans for an iPhone lover and those who want to save big time!

             Hey again everybody.  I'm sure by now if you've read my most recent article, you're aware that I'm not a fan of Apple.  However, I'm about to discuss with Apple fans a cell service that you all may have been waiting for.  I believe that I once mentioned Freedom Pop in regards to a certain iPod touch hotspot a few months back.  Today, I plan on showing you all a general overview of the business.  Hopefully you all enjoy.

            First, I want to discuss Freedom Pop hotspots.  Freedom Pop offers Sprint 4g LTE on wireless hotspots that can connect to all of your wifi enabled devices.  These hotspots (currently on sale) range from forty dollars to one hundred forty dollars.  The three options are the important part of the hotspots. They have 4GB a month for thirty dollars, 2GB for twenty dollars, and 500 MB per month for no charge (yes you read that correctly).  Any addition, any data not used is rolled over for the next month.  Basically, for forty dollars, you can get 500 extra megabytes of data per onto for all of your devices.

           Finally, the part that you have all been waiting for, their cell phone plans.  Freedom Pop currently offers four different phones.  Each phone is certified pre-owned.  The models are the Samsung Victory 4G LTE for $120.  Next, there is the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is currently on sale for $199.  After that, is the Samsung Galaxy S IV, priced at $299.  Last, the iPhone 5, for $399.  While these phones may seem expensive and you might doubt that I am sane, you will change your mind when you hear the plans.  Not surprisingly, Freedom Pop has yet another free plan which includes 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB data.  Most likely, that will not be enough for you if you  use your phone moderately, or often.  The next plan is a one year contract plan, in which for $6.67 a month, you have unlimited, talk, text, and 500 MB of data.  Remember, you can always add 500 MB more per month if you just spend the $40 on a wireless hotspot.  The plan after this is the same exact thing, but no contract, and costs $11 a month.  The final plan is what I imagine that most people use, which is unlimited everything with data speeds lowered after 1 GB.

           So you have all of the information.  Now, how can you take advantage of it.  If you want the I phone, you can buy it for $400.  Take the 1 year contract plan, and pay $6.67 a month.  You can then buy the $40 hotspot.  You pay $520 a year.  On AT&T, that same plan, phone and all, would cost $780 (And you would have to stick with them for one more year).  Overall, choosing Freedom Pop, which uses Sprint service, can help you to save $260 a year.  Oh, and if by chance you are willing to use an Android, you will save even more.

Friday, September 19, 2014

New Apple Devices and Announcements

In spirit of the arrival of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, I felt that it was necessary to talk about Apple's most recent developments.  I am not very fond of the iPhone for multiple reasons.  While I acknowledge that it is indeed a good phone, I do not consider making the device thinner and larger with a better display is  serious improvement.  However, I suppose you are entitled to your own belief about Apple's progress since with their phones.  What I believe is more important about Apple's most recent innovations is the announcement of Apple Pay, and the revealing of the Apple Watch.  Apple Pay, is simply the idea that credit cards are now obsolete.  Using your iPhone, you will be capable of storing any credit or debit card and with a single swipe, pay at stores.  Certain chains such as McDonald's and Citi have already adapted to the idea, and will be accepting Apple Pay.  Another platform for Apple Pay is the Apple Watch, in which your Credit Cards will be loaded to your wrist.  While the concept is intriguing, I still wonder if Apple Pay will be accepted in most chains around the country, and if one day in the far future, Credit Cards and cash will no longer be used.  This brings me to my next topic, the Apple Watch.  Because of the iPhone 6 and 6 plus' humongous display of 4.7 and 5.5 inches respectively are not only going to be hard to fit in the pocket, but a pain to get out of your bag.  This is the reason for the potential sales for the Apple Watch.  Similar to Android Wear, the Apple Watch is truly meant for answering emails, texts, and phone calls.  It has certain other interesting features, which include Apple Pay, Maps (GPS), Sending sketches, remote controlling a camera, Siri, playing music on its own, stocks, and of course, telling time.  Just looking at the Apple Watch and its features, I feel at has a very bright future, with their first attempt being aesthetically pleasing and looks to fulfill all of the purposes of a smart watch.  As I stressed earlier, while I am often against Apple, I must admit I that am extremely excited for their upcoming technology releases.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Android Wear

Hey Guys, I apologize for the excruciatingly long wait between my posts.  Obviously, my last post was mentioning the arrival of Android Wear, and I would be a bit of an idiot to not follow up on that.  So far we have seen the arrival of three of these watches, and four more have been announced.  So far, Android Wear's first attempt seems to have been a futile one, with most consumers either buying the Moto 360, or waiting for a better version in the future.  Both the LG G watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live were not highly anticipated, and did not receive incredible reviews.  It seems the largest problem with the earliest generation of Android powered smart watches is battery life, because apparently having to charge every day is a problem.  As for future devices, I mostly anticipate the LG G watch R.  It is yet another circular watch, and looks surprisingly more like a watch than the Moto 360.  I strongly advise that you look up a picture of it.  On the other hand, the Asus Zen Watch also interests me.  It has a nice design, but the more important aspect is the price.  It ha been confirmed that the price will be under $199 , which is considerably lower than any other Android Wear device.  It is also important to notice that the price of the LG G watch is lowered to $179.99 from $229.99 temporarily.  The last two watches, the Sony Smart watch 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear S seem relatively generic.  While I must admit that both of their designs are extremely elegant, I doubt that I will consider buying them in the future.  Considering that we are on the topic, I also feel that it is important to mention the Sony Smart Band.  In terms of design, it looks similar to the Samsung gear fit. However, it does look thinner and more comfortable.  While this band doesn't have all the features of an Android Wear Watch, it seems good for somebody who would like the basics of a smart watch, which is essentially answering calls and receiving notifications.  I am also intrigued as to if Sony will make it compatible with all Android device or only their own.  If you are interested in the Apple Watch, I will make a post in the near future about it and the new generations of iPhones.  See you all in a bit!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Android Wear is Coming Soon!

Sorry for the inactivity, I've been a bit busy with work.  But I feel the need to talk about android wear is extremely important.  As I'm sure you know, the smart watch revolution is at full speed.  Recently we have seen the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, the announcement of the iWatch, and the Pebble Steel.  However, Android has recently announced that there will soon be watches powered by the Android operating system.  Two versions of the watch, called the Moto 360 and the LG g have already been announced.  These watches show text messages, hangout messages, email, twitter notifications, location (GPS and distance from a certain point), and sports scores.  So far these watches look promising, as there are many options on the phone, including voice command so that you can reply to messages.  The Moto 360 has looked to improve its aesthetics, and look much like a normal watch.  The LG g, on the other hand, looks like a conventional smart watch.  I look forward to the arrival of Android and hope to be able to test them out.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Google Chromecast

Well everybody, now that I have shared with you my cell phone problems and solutions, I'd like to show you some other keys to having a simple technological life.  I'd like to start off with the Google Chrome Cast. Priced at 35 dollars, it is 65% cheaper than its competitor, Apple TV.  Google Chrome Cast is used for streaming videos online to your television, as long as it has an HDMI port, which most, if not all flat screen televisions have.  For Netflix users, Chrome Cast syncs with your tablet, laptop, or phone, to play all your movies and shows on a big screen.  In fact, as long as one is using either Google Chrome, or the Chrome app on one of their devices, their computer will become a giant monitor for their device.  This works with Youtube, Movie Sites, HBO Go, practically anything.  That is why the Google Chrome Cast has my support as something worth buying.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The answer to my Crisis

I recently obtained a new phone.  It's called the Blu Samba W.  I was testing it out today, because all it took was for me me to put in my sim card, and then I could talk and text as normal.  I bought it off of for 35 dollars, much cheaper compared to the two previous phones that I examined.  As all of the phones I look up, it has Wifi, and Opera Mini, a browser for cell phones.  In addition to that, it comes with FM radio, always a nice touch for times in which you need to listen to certain news of sports games when nothing else is available.  Finally, there is a television and antenna, in which one can watch certain channels if the antenna can pick up a signal (which from my experience is not often). The mobile television feature doesn't use data, so it can be used as often as one wants.  The only clear negative to the phone that I can see at the moment as that in order to do any of the extra features involving storing data and getting apps, pictures, and music, one must insert an SD card, as the phone has a minimalistic memory.  However, with the card, you have access to blu club, the App Store, and all the online features that you could possibly want.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless is a cell phone service.  I learned about them from the New York Times, and instantly did lots of research.  Republic Wireless is a Carolina based no annual contract service provider.  Now you may think that this is a "garbage" provider with cheap, not dependable reception.  However, Republic Wireless uses Sprint's service, and their cheap pricing.  Their only phone currently is the Moto X, a high quality Android smartphone that costs $300.  While the phones are expensive, the plans are not.  They have four options, a five dollar plan which gives you unlimited talk, text, and data as long as you are on WiFi.  The ten dollar plan gives you unlimited talk and text, and you can use data only on WiFi.  Next, is a twenty five dollar option which gives you unlimited talk, text and, web.  Finally, a forty dollar plan is for when you would like unlimited talk, text, and 4g speeds for web.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Solution (Or so I hope)...

Well, you've now all heard about my cell phone fiasco.  Nowadays, I've been fulfilled with new hope that I have finally eluded At&t's control.  I found a basic phone with WiFi, meaning at home, school, and most restaurants, I can browse the internet without paying for a data plan.  The phones are not top of the line, not android, not iOS, not a Windows Phone, but an LG cookie phone.  The two that I have been looking at are the LG t515, and the LG T310i.  Both seem promising, but I am leaning towards the first of the two.  Both cost approximately $100 unlocked anywhere on the internet.  Finally, all i need to do is insert my sim card and I'm good to go.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Recently I've been angry with At&t

I've had a basic phone ever since I have had a cell, but I feel that it's time to make the change.  However, in addition to not having an upgrade, I'm sort of stuck with At&t because I don't want them to charge their ridiculous amount on a data plan for minimal web browsing, and I still have a year to go in my contract.  Recently, I've looked up many flaws in the system, all proving to be useless.  My initial idea was to buy and unlocked smartphone and insert my sim, however it seems that At&t is able to sense a unique IMEI number on the phone itself, determine what time of phone (smart or basic) it was, and charge accordingly.  So I crossed that strategy off of my list.  Plan B was to find a basic phone with  WiFi connectivity, so I could still do all the browsing I wanted at home without a plan.  I thought I had finally found one, but when I called At&t to confirm this information, I was told that any phone with wifi, no matter what operating system would still be classified as a smartphone.  I had given up hope, until I noticed that T-Mobile would pay Early Termination Fees.  After I do this, I will have unlimited data, calling, and texting for only ninety dollars for the three people in my family, a heavy discount from At&t.  However, T-Mobile has a catch as well.  They require you to give them your current phone afterwards, which they will provide you a credit for.  Unfortunately, the phones at T-Mobile are quite expensive, regardless of their financing options.  If you need to buy a new one, It will cost quite a lot. After thinking, I noticed a loophole in T-Mobile's system.  If they make you cash in your phone, then cash in a different one.  Buy flip phones unlocked off of for the cheapest price possible.  On the first day of a new At&t billing month, insert your sim card into these flip phones.  Afterwards, cancel your service.  On the termination fee, you should then be charged for a flip phone rather than your normal phone.  Then, when you must cash in your phone to T-Mobile, cash in the same flip phone and buy the cheapest phone from T-Mobile possible.  Once you have that phone, remove the sim, and insert it into your previous smartphone.  You then have cheap T-Mobile service and  your old phone without paying for an expensive smartphone.