Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cheap plans Using AT&T service

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while.  It has occurred to me many times, through the laughs and concerns of my peers and others that I talk to referring these many companies that using Sprint service may seem to be a negative aspect of the plans.  While I do not agree with this idea, I must accommodate to those of you who are "Anti-Sprint."  If I can't find you cheap plans that you enjoy, then what am I doing here?  For this reason, I decided to find a plan with cheap service using AT&T service.

This fantastic carrier that you have all been waiting for is known H2O wireless.  If you are a New Yorker like myself, you may have noticed their ads lingering in the subway.  If not, I would love to inform you about them.  They are known as an MVNO, or a mobile virtual network operator.  This is the equivalent of using another carrier's cell phone towers for their service.  H2O on the other hand, unlike many other of these carriers has decided to use AT&T towers rather than Sprint towers, which seem to be less expensive overall.  You might ask, what is the advantage to switching to H2O, "why do I not stay with AT&T if they are essentially the same company?" The answer is found when examining the prices.

While Pay as You Go options are available, it seems to be more worth while to opt into a monthly unlimited plan.  These plans range from $30-$60.  The only difference between them is the amount of data included, which ranges from 500 megabytes to unlimited.  I personally feel that 500 megabytes (thirty dollars per month) per month is enough for most smartphone users, and if not, a gigabyte (the forty dollar plan) definitely will suffice.  In addition, it is most cost efficient to bring ones own cell phone.  If you feel as if your phone is outdated, I suggest that you buy an AT&T compatible smartphone off of, because H2O does have a bring your own phone policy.  On glyde, a no contract iPhone 5s sells for about $250.  If you find this expensive, the amount that you save per month is extremely high when compared to AT&T or any other large company and you should save that money back within half a year.  Again, if you are interested, I highly advise you research H2O, it is a company worth looking into.