Friday, March 7, 2014

The answer to my Crisis

I recently obtained a new phone.  It's called the Blu Samba W.  I was testing it out today, because all it took was for me me to put in my sim card, and then I could talk and text as normal.  I bought it off of for 35 dollars, much cheaper compared to the two previous phones that I examined.  As all of the phones I look up, it has Wifi, and Opera Mini, a browser for cell phones.  In addition to that, it comes with FM radio, always a nice touch for times in which you need to listen to certain news of sports games when nothing else is available.  Finally, there is a television and antenna, in which one can watch certain channels if the antenna can pick up a signal (which from my experience is not often). The mobile television feature doesn't use data, so it can be used as often as one wants.  The only clear negative to the phone that I can see at the moment as that in order to do any of the extra features involving storing data and getting apps, pictures, and music, one must insert an SD card, as the phone has a minimalistic memory.  However, with the card, you have access to blu club, the App Store, and all the online features that you could possibly want.