Thursday, February 5, 2015

Best Windows 8 touch Screen Laptop under $400 (HP pavilion 11 x360)

Hello again.  As you know if you read my last posting, I am doing a series of Windows 8 budget laptops that suit the needs of many.  Today, I will provide my thoughts on an HP notebook, the Pavilion 11 x360.  It servers many functions, I will explain why:

The Funky:
HP pavilion 11 x360.  Currently $379 on
In my opinion, the Pavilion, is not exactly what I would consider to be a work computer.  However, it isn't a bad option for a budget personal computer.  In terms of bulk processing power, it is faster than the HP stream, (which I talked about in the last posting) as it uses an intel Pentium processor, rather than using intel Celeron.  It has an 11 inch screen, which relatively speaking, is small.  However, for a budget computer I must admit that it has some impressive features for its price.  Finally, we reach the X factor.  This computer (as shown in the picture) can flip its screen to touch the keyboard, making its touch screen a very useful feature.  The touch screen can serve a purpose from either checking email to playing games.  Remember, this is in the best sense of the word a laptop.  The many screen features should not deter you, rather should seem as amenities to a budget level laptop.  As long as you aren't going for a high level gaming laptop, the HP pavilion x360 could be your next.