Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ideas on HP stream 11 (only $200 windows 8 laptop)

Hi everyone.  Because my own laptop is beginning to wear down, I have decided to look for other windows 8 laptops that suit my own needs price ranges.  I will attempt to do as many profiles of these budget laptops that I possibly can, all under $400.  Today I start with the HP stream 11.

The cheap:

HP stream 11 Laptop: $199.99 off of hp.com
If you are to buy this laptop, be sure to realize what you are paying for.  The just under three pound device is meant to be on the cloud at almost all times, so don't expecting to be gaming on this thing.  Because of this, the computer only has thirty two gigabytes of memory, which may seem a lot at first, but is used quickly.  The laptop itself only comes in two colors, a royal blue, and hot pink, which just adds on to the idea that this is not exactly a computer that should be put to work.  While it may seem like my consensus of the computer is completely negative, that is far from true.  As I mentioned, this is a budget laptop, and it really is cheap.  Aside from the low two hundred dollar price tag, a free year of Microsoft Office 365 is included (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Etc.), in addition to a free terabyte (one thousand gigabytes) on the Microsoft Cloud, an insane amount of space.  The type of consumer that should buy a computer like this would be a relatively young (or older) person (hence the low price) that often works on either google drive or another service and could use the Microsoft cloud, and does not use any heavy duty software.  It works great as a first computer,  or as one that would only sustain light use.