Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Freedom Pop

Hey everyone, I'm so sorry I haven't really posted for over a year now.  I've been busy with school, and among other things, haven't been to concerned with keeping up the blog, so it slipped my mind.  That being said, something that I saw today angered me, and made me say to myself, "Hey I've got to tell the blog about this."  Maybe you have heard of it, maybe you haven't but today I was reading MONEY magazine, and came across an article talking about the best phone plans of 2016.  I was not about to let the writers get away with the the plans they mentioned.  If by some coincidence you actually read the article, you have been misinformed.  Well, maybe not misinformed.  They didn't lie to you, but those plans were far from the "best".  So for that reason, I will be correcting what they said.  One of their categories was plans for light users.  The plan I will tell you guys isn't even that light, but the cost is so light that you won't feel the money leaving your wallet.  I'm talking about Freedom Pop.
    I believe that I mentioned Freedom Pop in a different article, but they have an unbeatable plan.  Freedom Pop is an MVNO.  This means that they use the cell towers of a different company (and pay them to do so) but have different ownership.  Freedom Pop uses Sprint towers, which means that you will have Sprint service if you use this plan.  While Sprint service is not the best (I would highly recommend checking Freedom Pop's coverage maps before purchasing), it is a steal for the price.  For $80 a YEAR (yes a year), you are given one gigabyte of data, along with unlimited talk and text.  This averages out to a whopping $6.67 per month.  But that's not all.  Freedom Pop also has free plans for those extreme light users, offering 500 megabytes of data, 200 text messages, and 200 minutes of calling per month.
   Of course there must be a catch, right?  The only "catch" is that you need to buy a phone up front, which means no free phones.  But is that really true?  Freedom Pop offers the option to bring your own device.  You can enter it on their website, to see if it qualifies.  And if you don't have a phone to bring, they offer Android phones starting below the $100 mark, which is easily worth it because of the money that you save each month.  And by the way, the plans are no contract which means that you can leave them any time.  Just remember that the $80 that you pay for the plan is a one time fee, at the beginning of the year.  So if you do switch out instantly, I suppose you would have spent $80 you will never get back.
   What does this mean?  It means that you can get a cell phone and service for an entire year, for dirt cheap.  MONEY magazine averaged a $600 yearly price tag for their individual plan.  Their plan is on Boost Mobile, which uses the same Sprint service as Freedom Pop.  Why do that, when you can pay $180 and have your phone for a year with no hidden charges?