Thursday, June 16, 2016

Page Plus Cellular

     Hey guys, now that school is over, I'll be trying to post somewhat consistently.  Today I want to continue my evaluation of the MONEY article.  The plan I will share with you today is for those of you who want the best service out there, but do not want to part with your hard earned money.  The article is based on one main principle, which I, along with many others consider to be true.  You can argue otherwise, but I am adamant in the validity of this statement.  Verizon has the fastest and most consistent service of all the wireless carriers.  Say what you want, I've done my research.  At this time, Verizon has the best service, hands down.  But Verizon is not the best carrier.  Why do I say this?  Go to their website sometime, and look up their prices.  Therefore I found a great alternative.
    The carrier that I am evaluating today is not known very well, because like yesterday, it is an MVNO.  To summarize what I explained in yesterdays post, and MVNO is a private company which uses the cellular towers of another private company.  In this case, the plan I am about to tell you about uses VERIZON'S towers.  If you decide to go with this, you will have America's best service at your fingers.
    Now to give you the details.  The carrier is called Page Plus Cellular.  Feel free to google them, they have a website.  They are owned by the company America Movil, the fourth largest cellular operator in the world.  Now that I've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about plans.  They are all no contract, if you were wondering.  My first recommendation for typical users is the $39.95 plan.  It includes unlimited talking and texting, along with 3 gigabyte of Verizon's speedy 4G LTE data.  There are no overage fees, going over the data limit causes the carriers to slow your speeds.  International texting is also included.  The next plan, for lighter users is also a great option.  For $29.95, you receive 1500 minutes of calling, unlimited texting, and 1 gigabyte of internet usage.  While they do have plans for heavier users, I am going to post about this later, because I believe there are better options for this than what page plus offers.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments, or look at Page Plus' website!
    Finally, I get to the "catch."  Because these plans are no contract, it requires that you buy a phone from Page Plus at full price.  In addition, in order to take advantage of their LTE service, you need to buy a phone with LTE capability.  While these can be very expensive, there are certainly low cost options for LTE capable cell phones.  They all have the popular android operating system as well.  While they can run you as much as $700, you ca buy LTE capable phones for around $60.  So yes, you can get great service for a low price.  I hope you enjoyed this article!  I will likely post again over the weekend for heavy users, so look out for that!