Thursday, September 18, 2014

Android Wear

Hey Guys, I apologize for the excruciatingly long wait between my posts.  Obviously, my last post was mentioning the arrival of Android Wear, and I would be a bit of an idiot to not follow up on that.  So far we have seen the arrival of three of these watches, and four more have been announced.  So far, Android Wear's first attempt seems to have been a futile one, with most consumers either buying the Moto 360, or waiting for a better version in the future.  Both the LG G watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear Live were not highly anticipated, and did not receive incredible reviews.  It seems the largest problem with the earliest generation of Android powered smart watches is battery life, because apparently having to charge every day is a problem.  As for future devices, I mostly anticipate the LG G watch R.  It is yet another circular watch, and looks surprisingly more like a watch than the Moto 360.  I strongly advise that you look up a picture of it.  On the other hand, the Asus Zen Watch also interests me.  It has a nice design, but the more important aspect is the price.  It ha been confirmed that the price will be under $199 , which is considerably lower than any other Android Wear device.  It is also important to notice that the price of the LG G watch is lowered to $179.99 from $229.99 temporarily.  The last two watches, the Sony Smart watch 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Gear S seem relatively generic.  While I must admit that both of their designs are extremely elegant, I doubt that I will consider buying them in the future.  Considering that we are on the topic, I also feel that it is important to mention the Sony Smart Band.  In terms of design, it looks similar to the Samsung gear fit. However, it does look thinner and more comfortable.  While this band doesn't have all the features of an Android Wear Watch, it seems good for somebody who would like the basics of a smart watch, which is essentially answering calls and receiving notifications.  I am also intrigued as to if Sony will make it compatible with all Android device or only their own.  If you are interested in the Apple Watch, I will make a post in the near future about it and the new generations of iPhones.  See you all in a bit!