Sunday, September 21, 2014

Freedom Pop - Plans for an iPhone lover and those who want to save big time!

             Hey again everybody.  I'm sure by now if you've read my most recent article, you're aware that I'm not a fan of Apple.  However, I'm about to discuss with Apple fans a cell service that you all may have been waiting for.  I believe that I once mentioned Freedom Pop in regards to a certain iPod touch hotspot a few months back.  Today, I plan on showing you all a general overview of the business.  Hopefully you all enjoy.

            First, I want to discuss Freedom Pop hotspots.  Freedom Pop offers Sprint 4g LTE on wireless hotspots that can connect to all of your wifi enabled devices.  These hotspots (currently on sale) range from forty dollars to one hundred forty dollars.  The three options are the important part of the hotspots. They have 4GB a month for thirty dollars, 2GB for twenty dollars, and 500 MB per month for no charge (yes you read that correctly).  Any addition, any data not used is rolled over for the next month.  Basically, for forty dollars, you can get 500 extra megabytes of data per onto for all of your devices.

           Finally, the part that you have all been waiting for, their cell phone plans.  Freedom Pop currently offers four different phones.  Each phone is certified pre-owned.  The models are the Samsung Victory 4G LTE for $120.  Next, there is the Samsung Galaxy S III, which is currently on sale for $199.  After that, is the Samsung Galaxy S IV, priced at $299.  Last, the iPhone 5, for $399.  While these phones may seem expensive and you might doubt that I am sane, you will change your mind when you hear the plans.  Not surprisingly, Freedom Pop has yet another free plan which includes 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB data.  Most likely, that will not be enough for you if you  use your phone moderately, or often.  The next plan is a one year contract plan, in which for $6.67 a month, you have unlimited, talk, text, and 500 MB of data.  Remember, you can always add 500 MB more per month if you just spend the $40 on a wireless hotspot.  The plan after this is the same exact thing, but no contract, and costs $11 a month.  The final plan is what I imagine that most people use, which is unlimited everything with data speeds lowered after 1 GB.

           So you have all of the information.  Now, how can you take advantage of it.  If you want the I phone, you can buy it for $400.  Take the 1 year contract plan, and pay $6.67 a month.  You can then buy the $40 hotspot.  You pay $520 a year.  On AT&T, that same plan, phone and all, would cost $780 (And you would have to stick with them for one more year).  Overall, choosing Freedom Pop, which uses Sprint service, can help you to save $260 a year.  Oh, and if by chance you are willing to use an Android, you will save even more.